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Am I eligible for VAT free shopping?

VAT Tax refund is subject to several requirements, limiting access to qualified travelers only. You want to know if you are eligible for a VAT tax refund and recover 14.5% of your purchases made in France? We guide you step by step to check your status.

The residency condition
You are eligible for a VAT tax refund if the following conditions apply to you :

  • Non EU residents: you are in France for private or business tourism, you visit the country and stay there for less than 6 months.
  • Expatriate: your main residence is established in a foreign country outside the European Union and its assimilated territories (list available HERE) and you are visiting France for less than 6 months
  • Swiss or British citizens / residents: since January 1, 2021 (Brexit effective date) England has joined Switzerland as part of the countries located on European soil that are not part of the EU and whose nationals are therefore eligible for VAT tax refunds.

The age requirement

The minimum age required to qualify for VAT free shopping is 16 years old. Your age will be checked on your legal documents before any VAT tax refund is approved.

Special cases

If you are in any of the following situations, you will not be able to claim a VAT refund on your purchases made in France:

  • You are taking a job in a EU assimilated territory
  • You are relocating to France or the EU
  • You leave the EU for good, even if you return to your home country
  • You are a member of a diplomatic, consular or international organization stationed in France or in the EU
  • You are a student or intern and you stay in France or in the EU six months or more per year
  • You are the beneficiary of a French social security organization and buy pharmaceutical products that may be subject to full or partial reimbursement;
  • You are part of the staff  of a transportation company and you made purchases during a trip that was part of your professional itinerary.

If you meet the residence and age criteria and your situation does not fit into one of the special cases mentioned above, you are eligible for VAT free shopping. Download the Sav’In Tax Free app and get 14.5% of VAT paid on your purchases made in France back. Get your digital slip and your refund in three quick and easy steps and start recovering hundreds of euros of VAT.

Sav’In Tax Free is available on Google Play and App Store.

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